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Why Mentorship Is Important

Special thanks to my lovely friend Destiny D. Photography for the headshots!

Special thanks to my lovely friend Destiny D. Photography for the headshots!

Hi! For those of you who are new here, let me introduce myself! I'm Laura and I have been running my photography business since 2013. I am a Colorado native, who did a decade long stint in the midwest. This summer my family and I returned home to Northern Colorado! I am nothing short of thrilled to be back home and see the mountains everyday.

My husband and I have been dating since I was 17 and he's the yin to my yang. Together we wrangle 2 kids, 3 dogs and one cat. Yes. You read that correctly.

I love to laugh. It's safe to say I'm an animal lover. I'm obsessed with the mountains, adventure, coffee and meaningful relationships. I have a degree in Early Childhood Education and background as a preschool teacher and then ABA therapist.

When our daughter was born I made the transition to Stay at Home Mom and my camera and I became inseparable. I felt my passion for photography reignited and began my business.

To say this journey has had it's ups and downs in an understatement! But despite all the trials along the way, the triumphs have somehow managed to make them worth it. Now my focus has expanded from solely documenting families and their unique stories, to wanting to truly encourage those who are needing a boost on their photography journey.

As a nurturer by nature, connecting with people is what I love most. I really enjoy helping people grow and watching them transform. I am also an extrovert and insatiable optimist (with a sarcastic no-nonsense flair), so at this time in my own journey I want nothing more than to come along side of photographers who are looking to stretch their skills.

It can be lonely go at this small business thing alone. With a never ending shortage of beautiful work flooding our feeds it can be easy to feel isolated or like we aren't good enough. So let's stop there for a second. There is space for all of us and most importantly YOU have a place. You have been created to see things and experience things in a way that is unique to you. Let's nurture that.

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