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As a nurturer by nature, connecting with people is what I love most. I really enjoy helping people grow and watching them transform. I am also an extrovert and insatiable optimist (with a sarcastic no-nonsense flair), so at this time in my own journey I want nothing more than to come along side of photographers who are looking to stretch their skills.

It can be lonely going at this small business thing alone. With a never ending shortage of beautiful work flooding our feeds it can be easy to feel isolated or like we aren't good enough. So let's stop there for a second. There is space for all of us and most importantly YOU have a place. You have been created to see things and experience things in a way that is unique to you. Let's nurture that.

Portfolio Review

Send me your portfolio and prior to our meeting I will review it. You will give me some information about yourself prior to our chat and from there we will spend 30 minutes together via an online video chat platform and go over your work. I will give honest feedback, including areas to improve and steps to get there!

1:1 One Hour

This hour can be spent working on whatever it is you would like to focus on via an online video chat platform. Whether you are looking for help editing, finding your voice, creating emotional connection between your clients with your work, or questions about how to run a session. If you are interested in learning more about editing, I teach specifically in Lightroom.

These sessions will also include a 15 minute consult prior to our mentoring session, portfolio review and a follow up chat in one month to check in and review progress.

Everything I Know

For this option, I am an open book. We will spent two hours together via an online video chat platform. This can be in one sitting or two-one hour sessions. I will provide you with my workflow from beginning to end, including client interactions prior to and after the session, how I shoot a session and help with editing. You will also receive a portfolio review and a follow up meeting one month after our meeting.


These mentorships will benefit you if:

  • You are a serious hobbyist or own your own business

  • You are open to constructive critique

  • You are motivated to grow

  • You value relationships - (I want to still be in the loop once our time together is done!)


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