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Branding sessions are not 'just headshots'

Are you an entrepreneur? A small business owner? Are you starting your new big adventure, following a dream?

After much thought and prayer as to where I want my business and life to go, I am really excited to start offering branding sessions consistently. I love working with women, business owners and other creatives. I see branding sessions as a beautiful way to bring the authenticity and connection I capture in a family session to those who need it for their brand.

These sessions are for: business owners, influencers, bloggers, creatives, trainers, people who like to post to Instagram, humans posing with dogs ;)

No, but really, that would be awesome.

These images are not “just headshots” and are designed to capture YOU. Your business, passions, what kind of content you are looking to put out into the world. Take all the things you think about professional headshots and throw them out the window, because you my friend, are WAY more interesting than just standing in front of a gray backdrop.

As a social media user, you know that new and relevant content is a necessity. What’s just as important is that the content you are putting out is authentic and genuine, so that you can connect with your audience. Let me help you with that!

No phony backdrops or fake smiling - branding sessions take place in the place that makes sense to you! And with the people and/or things that make you, well you . We even get to show off your products if you want!

Questions?! Ask me in comments because chances are if you are asking, someone else wants to know too 😊

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