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Sunny Evenings and River Frolicking

When searching for locations, I sent a picture of this spot to this wonderful mama and asked how they felt about getting in the river at the end...when said a resounding "YES!" I knew we were a great fit! But honestly, this family is so beautiful inside and out! It is a truly beautiful thing to get to know people through this job and make new friends while giving them memories for a lifetime.

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Branding sessions are not 'just headshots'

These images are not “just headshots” and are designed to capture YOU. Your business, passions, what kind of content you are looking to put out into the world. Take all the things you think about professional headshots and throw them out the window, because you my friend, are WAY more interesting than just standing in front of a gray backdrop.

As a social media user, you know that new and relevant content is a necessity. What’s just as important is that the content you are putting out is authentic and genuine, so that you can connect with your audience. Let me help you with that!

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Want Perfection? You Already Have It

I was talking with my dear friend and she said that with my pictures I made her life look magical. What a huge compliment. For real! But, then of course I got to thinking. Her life is always magical. And so is mine. And even yours. And I see that in all of us, really I do.

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