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Want Perfection? You Already Have It

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I was talking with my dear friend and she said my pictures I make life look magical.

What a huge compliment. For real!

But, then of course I got to thinking. Her life actually IS always magical.

And so is mine. And even yours. And I see that in all of us, really I do. Even in the mess and worry and too much to do. Maybe it's the creative side of my brain, but we all have a little bit of magic. I started thinking about my work and all these families I get the honor to meet and it brought me here.

Why I will always choose real moments over posed production:

Because in the real moments you are preserving the way you look at your children.

The love in your eyes shines.

Their adoration for you is apparent.

Your hugs give them safety and security.

Your spouse looking at you and seeing you as wonderful as you are.

These sessions aren't meant to be stand here, do this.

Because for one hour, you get to just be in the prairie, or forest or wherever, and not have to do anything.

No distractions. No demands.

Just you and your favorite people.

Well, I'll be there too, but I pretty much stay out of your way ;)

So yes, you'll look at me and smile pretty once or twice, but your kids won't feel pressure to do it 'right'.

Because they'll just get to be.

And so will you.

And when your kids are grown, they'll have the prints and proof to match their memories. That you really do adore them as much as they remember. Those tiny touches and stolen kisses will be here to stay.

So that's why I will choose to capture these moments, your memories over 'sit still, look pretty' posed everyday.

Let's embrace OURSELVES. All those quirks and special things that only we have and only our family gets.


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